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Are you missing your channels from your home country? Here is the solution!!
Watch TV channels through the internet! – No satellite dish needed!


Installation and configuring of IPTV box 189€
Monthly price, One country  26€
Monthly, full package 30€
Video on Demand per month  4€
Extra HDMI cable 10€
Extra Power supply  25€
Extra remote control 25€
WIFI Receptor 15€
We offer IPTV channels for these countries:

We can now supply a ‘one off payment IPTV system’ that has all of the UK and Scandinavian channels. This is ideal for clients that want to pay a yearly fee for their channels at an extremely reasonable cost.

IPTV (Internet Protocol Television) Service
IPTV (Internet Protocol Television) is TV delivered via the Internet. The channels available may be terrestrial, satellite or Internet in origin, but you can watch them all on your TV via a small set top box, which you connect to your router and to your television. The box has a USB port so you can record programs and a Wi-Fi connection so that your TV doesn’t have to be next to the router. 
For this service all you need is Internet in your home with a minimum of  2 Mb/s speed.

IPTV main features are:

  • Simple to install set top box – simply plug in & play
  • All major English, Scandinavian and Russian TV channels and radio stations
  • Easy to understand channel guide and remote
  • 14 day catch up on selected channels
  • Excellent picture quality and stable service
  • Store favorite programs
  • Video on demand
  • Flexible pricing scheme, only pay for the time you want to use it
There are various ways to view television programs without a satellite dish, for example via the Internet. We believe the best option by far is with the installation of an IPTV set top box. This small decoder is attached to your television by either a HDMI or AV cable connected directly to your television. With our IPTV service, you can watch and listen to your favorite TV and Radio stations anywhere in the world – as long as you have your set top box and an Internet connection!  The IPTV box will either be installed via your own router or through a WIFI device which will be on your villa/townhouse/apartment or our MIFI ‘unlimited’ router. If you have your own router connected to a telephone line, a LAN (internet) cable will be installed from your router to your IPTV box. The connectors at each end of the cable is inserted correctly at the router and IPTV box inputs. If this is not done correctly, you will not receive a picture on your TV resulting in the message ‘page loading error’ on your TV screen. This message will appear 100% of the time if you have an issue with the internet by whatever means it comes into your home.
Channel selection
We offer a vast selection of channels from all over the world, directly to your doorstep. At the moment we have around 850 channels available, but as these are constantly updated, you should consult the annex at the end of this document.
Never the less we constantly offer at least 35+ Danish channels, 20 swedish, 25 norwegian and over 100 UK and Irish channels, including all sports and Movie channels. Signals from Russia, Bulgaria, Greece, USA, Spain, France, Germany, Italy, Arab and many others are also offered. Please check with us for availability.
We also offer you around 2000 radio channels included in all our packages. These are available through the same box, you use for your TV channels
Channel Guide and catch-up
Almost all channels have an electronic programming guide included, so you can easily watch the upcoming programs with a simple click of a button on the remote control. Furthermore, we offer two weeks of catch-up service on selected channels, giving you the possibility to watch a program later, should you have missed the direct transmission.
Quality and stability
The quality of picture and streaming is far superior to other systems, especially those that stream via browsers, such as FilmON, Euchannels or other browser based options.
Should you against all odds stil not be satisfied, wecan offer you an added video on demand service with more than 500 recent movies, updated on a weekly basis for you to watch, any time you like.
IPTV 12/02/2016


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